Aug 15

The truth about privatisation in Sydney

By Christopher Knaus – excerpt from The Guardian “The list of public assets sold off under the current government grows longer in each year of its term. Power and energy infrastructure, buses, the land titles office, superannuation administration and water treatment plants. It’s all helped create a huge $4.5bn surplus in the last state budget. […] Read More »

Aug 15

Putting transport to the test – buses win!

A bicycle organisation decided to put university transport to the test and discover what the fastest way is to get from the Callaghan university campus to the City campus, in Newcastle’s CBD. Volunteers separately travelled on either the public bus, the university’s shuttle bus, a car or a bike. And, 35 minutes later, for a […] Read More »

Aug 10

Andrew Constance, a Minister we cannot trust

  Throughout his tenure as NSW Minister for Transport, Andrew Constance has continued to demonstrate that he is incapable of running our transport network. His decisions, which are continuously made without any consultation with the public, continue to fail and backfire on both him and his Government. Constance’s leadership has been bungled with lies, secrets […] Read More »

Aug 7

Our workers brought the fight right to Sidoti’s doorstep

Last week, alongside community members, our drivers took the Don’t Sell Our Buses campaign to John Sidoti’s doorstep, demanding to know why the MP supports Minister Constance’s plan to privatise our region 6 buses. Drivers and depot workers from across Sydney literally arrived in busloads, ready to rally with community members. Ash Sarker, a proud […] Read More »

Aug 4

Protesting outside Sidoti’s office against privatising our buses!

Today we protested with community members outside John Sidoti’s office to demand answers as to why he has supported Andrew Constance’s plan to privatise region 6 buses, despite the chaos it will cause to drivers and commuters in Sidoti’s own electorate.   While other MPs turned down the proposal to privatise buses in their region, […] Read More »

Aug 3

Incompetent Constance

Yet another of Constance’s failings was revealed last week as the Sydney Morning Herald uncovered that the inner west and central city tram lines will not be compatible. As the Minister for Transport – Andrew Constance can’t even ensure that Sydney’s billion dollar light rail can join with other tram lines. This level of complete […] Read More »

Aug 3

Rally with us outside Sidoti’s office tomorrow!

Join us outside Sidoti’s office as we rally against John Sidoti and demand to know why he supports the bus privatisation of Inner West buses within his electorate. Join the Facebook event for more information. Read More »

Aug 2

First new tram for Sydney’s $2.1b light rail line finally unwrapped

It feels more spacious inside and open to natural light than Sydney’s existing trams. And, once coupled to another, the new tram sets for Sydney’s $2.1 billion light rail will be twice the length of those running on the 12.8-kilometre inner west light rail line. After weeks wrapped in white plastic at a new yard at Randwick, the […] Read More »

Jul 27

Kingsgrove depot rise up against Inner-West bus privatisation

On Thursday July 27th, bus drivers and maintenance workers from Kingsgrove bus depot gathered to tell local Labor MPs what they wanted Constance and his NSW Liberal Government to hear in Parliament when bus privatisation is debated in coming weeks. Watch RTBU Bus Division Secretary, Chris Preston, thank workers and politicians for their support as well […] Read More »

Jul 21

Channel 7: Bus drivers gathered at depot, handing over 10,000 signature petition

Watch Channel 7’s coverage of the incredible event where we handed over 10,000 signatures to NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley, and NSW Greens Transport Spokesperson Mehreen Faruqi. Watch the Facebook clip here.  Read More »