Aug 25

Band-Aid solution fails to solve the problem of overcrowding

Instead of actually fixing the problem of overcrowding on Sydney’s buses, Transport Minister Andrew Constance is releasing an app to tell passengers just how full their bus is before it arrives. Read More »

Aug 24

Win for Light Rail workers

Last Friday an EA attendance  ballot was held at the  Pyrmont light rail depot. The result was a unanimous “YES”. Read More »

Aug 22

Lunacy as buses clock up multiple trips to the moon and back

In no shock to drivers, nearly a third of buses in the Sydney Buses fleet have clocked up enough kilometres to travel to the moon and back. Read More »

Aug 4

China unveils elevated bus

A Chinese proposal for a future bus will drive over multiple lanes of traffic, making it unaffected by traffic jams and freeing space on the road. Read More »

Jul 29

Private buyers in for workforce shock

Divisional Secretary Chris Preston took to the airwaves in Newcastle to let the public know just what is happening to drivers in Newcastle. Read More »

Jul 27

Grand tour for private operators as government continues to ignore Newcastle workers

Transport for NSW is today hosting a goodwill tour of depots for companies tendering for contracts to operate the privatised Transport for Newcastle, as drivers again wear plain clothes to show their displeasure at a lack of support and information coming from government. Read More »

Jul 25

Sydney bus drivers celebrated in new video exhibition ‘Bus TV’ by Laura Grace

Bus drivers who keep the city moving are at the centre of a new video exhibition celebrating the unsung heroes of Sydney’s roads. Read More »

Jul 14

Know Your Rights – Wages and Wage Increases

… with Brett Peters SECTION 3 – WAGES AND RELATED MATTERS 15. Read More »

Jul 1

More of George Street to close as light rail construction expands

Light rail construction will start on George Street between Hunter and King Streets from 10pm on Friday 1 July 2016. Read More »

Jun 28

Man who smashed Sydney bus in road rage attack gets 12 months jail

John Klironomos has been sentenced to 12 months jail for smashing a bus in Marrickville in Sydney’s inner west. Read More »