Oct 28

Violent murder of Brisbane bus driver

The RTBU is condemning the violence perpetrated on 29- Brisbane A 29 year old Brisbane bus driver that has tragically lead to the loss of his life. The bus driver was doused in petrol and burnt to death in a violent random attack. This happened after an “item” was thrown at him, sparking a fire that […] Read More »

Oct 27

Skytrain construction at risk of major delays

The construction of the Skytrain section of Sydney’s new metro line faces major delays due to cracks and buckling in the viaduct’s large concrete spans, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. Work is already running late and $50 million over budget. Read the full article here. Read More »

Oct 25

Another great Bus and Tram Division BBQ

        The Bus and Tram Division had another great BBQ this week at the Port Botany Bus Depot. The BBQ was an opportunity for members to give feedback to Division Secretary David Woollams and President Chris Preston. The BBQs are an opportunity to update members on what’s happening with the Division. We value […] Read More »

Oct 24

More NSW transport blowouts as northern beaches bus project cost doubles

The Sydney Morning Herald reports: The cost of a planned bus corridor through Sydney’s lower north shore and northern beaches has almost doubled after government authorities neglected to consider the cost of buying land. The bus service to the northern beaches – once called “Bus Rapid Transit” but, with services not expected to be particularly […] Read More »

Oct 21

Fair Work ratifies Transdev back-pay for 90 tram workers

Fair Work ratifies Transdev back-pay for 90 tram workers The Rail Tram and Bus Union Bus, Tram Division, have had their 10-month long struggle to negotiate fair pay and conditions for the Tram workers at Pyrmont, vindicated in the Fair Work Commission The Fair Work Commission (FWC) ratified the agreement on the 19th of October […] Read More »

Oct 19

Sophie Cotsis meets with RTBU Busies ahead of by-election

Labor Candidate for Canterbury, Sophie Cotsis met with David Woollams (Divisional President) and Chris Preston (Divisional Secretary) and off duty bus drivers at the Kingsgrove Depot this week. The Hon. Sophie Cotsis wanted to talk to workers in her electorate ahead of the regarding upcoming Bi Election in Canterbury, which will be held on 12th November, […] Read More »

Oct 18

Keep Our Hospitals Public

The NSW Liberal Government has announced a proposal for five of our publically owned hospitals to be redeveloped in a partnership with the private sector. This will result in our hospitals being built and  operated by the private sector. The hospitals are, Wyong, Maitland, Bowral, Goulburn and Shellharbour. This is only the beginning – and […] Read More »

Oct 17

Election Notice for National and NSW vacant positions

Special notice to RTBU members: Election for National branch and NSW branch vacant positions The attached information has been received from the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) regarding the election for NSW branch vacant positions. Nominations must be in writing and comply with the Organisation’s registered rules, may be made at any time from 9am on […] Read More »

Oct 7

Baird Government must immediately repay up to $31 million dollars it’s swindled from commuters

The Baird Government must immediately repay up to $31 million dollars it’s swindled from commuters through its fault ridden Opal system. Documents obtained under the Government Information and Privacy Act (GIPA) show that millions of public transport users in NSW have been overcharged because of faulty Opal card readers or people forgetting to tap off. […] Read More »

Oct 5

RTBU Tram and Bus Division BBQ’s back on!

RTBU Tram and Bus Division member BBQ’s have started again with Burwood Depot being first cab off the rank. Tram and Bus Division Secretary Chris Preston and David Woollams are intending to head out to other depots in the near future. Keep your eyes open for notices letting members know when your depot’s BBQ will be […] Read More »