Sep 20

Light Rail under heavy pressure

Just months after securing a better deal for light rail drivers, Divisional Secretary Chris Preston is again calling for a better deal on the cities network, this time for passengers. Read More »

Sep 19

24hr public transport coming to Sydney?

More night bus services and longer hours for Sydney Bus drivers could be on the agenda as the NSW Government considers plans to extend public transport operating hours until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights sometime in the next 12 months. Read More »

Sep 16

Driver hailed a ‘hero’ after Sydney Harbour Bridge bus fire

9 News A bus driver has been hailed a hero after he put his life on the line to get his passengers to safety when his bus caught fire on the Sydney Harbour Bridge yesterday. Passengers told 9NEWS they owe their lives to Thomas Parker’s quick-thinking after the bus burst into flames. “We all owe our […] Read More »

Sep 16

Chaos ensues as bus fire brings Sydney to a standstill

In an all too regular occurrence another STA bus has caught fire, this time on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The dramatic scenes brought the evening peak hour commute to a halt, causing mass delays for thousands of workers trying to leave the city. Read More »

Sep 10

Improvements needed as bus complaints pile up

More than 34,450 complaints were raised with the Baird Government about the Sydney’s bus network in just the last year. Complaints related to buses running late, uncleanliness, and missed stops. Read More »

Sep 8

Know Your Rights – Shift Penalties

With Brett Peters… Shift Penalties. Section 34 Sub Section 34.3 For all time on duty between the hours of 5.00 pm and 7.00 am (other than on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) employees, except those employed on broken shifts, shall be paid 15% more than their ordinary rates. Read More »

Sep 5

North Sydney route changes cause for concern from Monday

Only twelve months after a major overhaul of routes, more services face the chop. A number of bus routes from Sydney’s north will no longer extend to the CBD, forcing commuters to switch to other services earlier in their journeys to get to the city. Read More »

Aug 31

Submissions close for Newcastle transport tender

Submissions from private providers to operate the Newcastle Integrated Services closed on the 30th of August. The preferred bidder to operate the ten year contract will be announced by the State Government by the 31st of October. The new operator will control all bus, ferry and future light rail services in Newcastle. Read More »

Aug 25

Band-Aid solution fails to solve the problem of overcrowding

Instead of actually fixing the problem of overcrowding on Sydney’s buses, Transport Minister Andrew Constance is releasing an app to tell passengers just how full their bus is before it arrives. Read More »

Aug 24

Win for Light Rail workers

Last Friday an EA attendance  ballot was held at the  Pyrmont light rail depot. The result was a unanimous “YES”. Read More »