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Sep 29

Know Your Rights – Attending Office

This month on Know Your Rights your Divisional Vice President highlights your rights around Attending Office. Read More »

Sep 22

Overcrowded buses are an accident waiting to happen

Many of Sydney’s buses are overloaded in peak times and more services combined with stronger regulations are urgently needed. Read More »

Sep 16

Union executive tours Belmont depot

The entire executive committee of the RTBU Tram and Bus division toured Belmont depot last week. Read More »

Sep 14

How to deal with radio room intimidation

According to reports from a number of depots, it appears that the issue of radio room intimidation continues. Read More »

Sep 14

Late buses inevitable

The Daily Telegraph’s article today that claimed that STA buses had been running late for five years was a slap in the face for RTBU Tram and Bus division members. Read More »

Sep 10

Hunter Transport Forum – 30 Sept

The NSW Government has a “revitalisation” strategy for the Hunter – and it’s clear that public transport is very low down on their priority list. Read More »

Sep 6

Save our weekend

For many Australians — including RTBU members — working weekends is not a choice. But conservative governments and business lobby groups want to take away penalty rates so that workers would no longer have the right to penalty rates when they work on the weekend or after hours. Read More »

Sep 5

A tight squeeze

Watch a bus driver in the U.S try to squeeze his vehicle through a tiny granite tunnel on the Needles Highway. Do you think he’ll make it? Read More »

Aug 27

Melbourne tram drivers strike

RTBU tram drivers in Melbourne have been forced to take strike action today to resolve a dispute with their employer Yarra Trams over pay and conditions. Read More »

Aug 24

Time for fire safety systems to be rolled out nationwide

Now that we’ve had a victory in getting these systems installed in NSW, we think its time that they were rolled out nationwide. An incident in Perth last week is just another reminder of how important it is that safety is the number one priority on public transport. Read More »