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Aug 27

Our Melbourne comrades strike for their pay and conditions

RTBU tram drivers in Melbourne have been forced to take strike action today to resolve a dispute with their employer Yarra Trams over pay and conditions. Read More »

Aug 24

Time for fire safety systems to be rolled out nationwide

Now that we’ve had a victory in getting these systems installed in NSW, we think its time that they were rolled out nationwide. An incident in Perth last week is just another reminder of how important it is that safety is the number one priority on public transport. Read More »

Aug 21

Opal card: How to beat it, and most popular routes

The Opal card stats are proving that commuters will find ways to save on public transport if they can, and the Opal card’s fare design is encouraging new commuter behaviour patterns – for better or for worse. Read More »

Aug 18

We haven’t won yet – peaceful assembly at Port Botany

Last Friday the Federal Court overturned Hutchinson Ports’ decision to sack the MUA workers. However, when they showed up to work it became apparent that their employer had refused to roster them on any shift. Read More »

Aug 14

This is what it means to be union

More than a week ago, almost a hundred wharfies from Sydney and Brisbane were sacked by Hutchison Ports Australia via a midnight text message and email. The union movement stood strong and now those sacked workers are back at work. Read More »

Aug 7

Victory for our union: Fire prevention systems to be installed on all buses

Our union has had a big victory this week with the NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance finally agreeing to fit all State Transit Authority buses across the state with fire suppressant systems. Read More »

Jul 20

Opal fares up for review

After the NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance released details of the bus route upheaval to occur in Sydney from October, there was an immediate reaction from commuters. Now Opal fares are up for review. Read More »

Jul 17

Sydney bus chaos to start in October

The NSW Government has finally released its plans about bus route changes as construction for the George Street light rail ramps up in October – and we’re expecting chaos to ensue for both commuters and bus drivers. Read More »

Jul 15

True fighter Andy West slowly recovering

Popular RTBU Willoughby delegate Andy West has been engaged in a massive battle with cancer, which saw him hospitalised and in intensive care for nearly an entire month. Read More »

Jul 10

Lack of maternity uniform an issue for pregnant drivers

Driving a bus may be one of very few jobs which pregnant woman may choose to continue to do as their pregnancy advances. But there’s a lot more that STA could do to support pregnant woman and female staff members more generally. Read More »