Nov 3

Working with children check

Members are advised that they should wait until next year before they pay the $80 to do their next working with children check. Unions NSW still has this matter before the IRC where they are continuing the fight to win this dispute.



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Oct 28

Know Your Rights: Purchased Leave

with Brett Peters….

61. Purchased Leave for Personal Or Family Needs

61.1 The personal and family leave scheme is voluntary and available to all permanent employees covered by this Award who have been continuously employed for a period of twelve months who wish to extend their leave options for personal reasons or family responsibilities.

61.4 Employees are required to re-apply annually if they wish to participate in the scheme.

61.8 The minimum amount of personal or family leave that can be taken in any one period will be one week and the maximum will be four weeks in a twelve-month period.

Oct 23

More security needed on Sydney buses

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 2.42.51 PMThe State Government has announced additional bus services for Sydney.

The RTBU Bus Division appeared in Channel 7’s TV news coverage, warning that more security is needed to protect bus drivers.

“A much bigger police and security presence is required on these services, and especially if there are going to be a lot more services,” said Bus Divisional President Gary Way.

You can watch the full story here.

Oct 22

Newcastle Herald: Bus every 10 minutes

UntitledMembers will be interested in this front-page report in the Newcastle Herald about bus services in Newcastle CBD.

Read the full story here.

Oct 21

Sick leave support

If you or one of your colleages has had a serious accident or illness and are running out of paid leave, the state government’s sick leave support policy may help.

Sick leave support is adhered to by State Transit in clause 3.3 of STA’s sick leave policy. It  can assist with long term illness or accidents through a paid miscellaneous special leave equivalent to 75% of the employee’s salary.

It applies to employees who are medically unfit for work, meaning they cannot work at all, who have exhausted all leave (including sick, holiday and LSL), and who have a satisfactory record.

Remember this special leave payment is at the discretion of the employer. The employee seeking support must make a written request and provide medical evidence or a report from their treating doctor.

The applications are assessed by a panel comprising of a nominee of the general manager of Human Resources and a nominee of the general manager of the division in which the employee is located. Recommendations are made to, and approved by, the general manager of Human Resources.

Oct 17

Meet Your Local Delegate – Ian McPherson

Ian Mcpherson

Ian McPherson


Why did you become involved in the union?
 I’ve always been a supporter of the union movement and after being on the “outside”, looking “in”, I decided it was time to get involved to help protect members’ rights.

What are your hobbies and interests?
 I like to make sure that my lounge chair is still comfortable, my TV is still working and that the beer is at the correct temperature for drinking.

Where do you live and why do you like it? 
I live at Ryde, which I like because it’s very close to the Depot.

Who would you like to have dinner with (dead or alive) and why?
 Well, if invitations are going out, then I’d like to have dinner with Mark Delahey’s cousin, Miranda Kerr, as well. Probably for different reasons though.

Oct 16

New number for vehicle insurance policy

Our popular Vehicle Insurance Excess policy has proven to be an excellent benefit for members of the Tram & Bus Division.

Members should note that the telephone number for claims has changed. The new number is 1300 795 779.

See the brochure for more information:

RTBU Union Plus Excess Insurance – New Hotline

Oct 10


The Rail Tram & Bus Union, Australia wide will be undergoing an election across all areas for all positions. This election will be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.

In essence the election is divided into 3 sections:

  1. National Positions (Postal Ballot)
  1. State Branch Positions (Postal Ballot)
  1. Tram & Bus Divisional positions (Attendance Ballot)

National positions, Branch positions and some Branch Divisional positions other than Tram & Bus Division, will be conducted by postal ballot.

Tram & Bus Divisional positions across Australia will be conducted by attendance ballot at your workplace.

The postal ballot for National & Branch positions will commence on Monday 3 November 2014 and close at 5.00pm Monday 24 November 2014. Eligible members will receive separate ballot papers for National positions and NSW Branch positions from the Australian Electoral Commission in the mail, on or about Monday 3 November 2014. The AEC will include instructions and a return pre-paid envelope, for easy mailing by members. Be sure to complete ballot papers and mail back.

For eligible Tram & Bus Division members voting for Tram & Bus Divisional positions will be conducted at your workplace by attendance ballot Thursday 20th November 2014. Your Ballot papers will be handed to you by the AEC official on your request in the voting area at your workplace. The RTBU strongly urges members to take the time to cast your vote for both the postal ballot commencing Monday 3rd November 2014 for National & NSW Branch positions and also the attendance ballot for Tram & Bus positions at your workplace on Thursday 20th November 2014.

Have your say by exercising your democratic right to vote.

Tram & Bus Division Attendance Ballot

The RTBU Tram & Bus Division and its predecessor the Australian Tramway and Motor Omnibus Employees Association have been conducting Union Elections in the workplace as an attendance ballot since the Union was registered on 15th January 1911.

Download the RTBU General Election Notice here.

Oct 7

Union victories

Please take a moment to share your favourite union victory on Facebook – to show your pride and help our union movement to grow.

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Oct 3

Hunter Bussies stand up for Jobs, Rights, Services

Bus Division members from across the Hunter met to discuss the future of the region recently as part of the Jobs, Rights, Services campaign.

The Bus Division members heard from Daniel Wallace, Newcastle Trades Hall Secretary, who spoke about the importance of the campaign in ensuring job security and growth in the area – particularly in the lead up to the local by-elections in October and the state election in March next year.

Youth unemployment, cuts to TAFE, and the ripping up of the Newcastle rail line were hot topics of discussions for the workers at the meeting, as was the Baird Government’s attempts to privatise our essential services – including our bus networks.

Among those at the event were local drivers Margaret Pannell, Don Gallagher and Darryl Locke, RTBU Hamilton Depot delegate Kelly Budden, and Vice President of the Tram and Bus Division, Brett Peters.

Kelly Budden, Hamilton Depot delegate said campaign, being run centrally by Unions NSW, is all about supporting improved jobs, rights and services for working people in NSW.

“Bus Division members, in the Hunter and beyond, know all too well how important it is that we all stand together to protect our jobs and rights,” Kelly Budden said.

“It’s crucial that our Newcastle bus and ferry services and jobs remain in government hands and that working conditions for drivers remain secure. We’ll be doing everything we can to ensure that happens.”

See all the images from the event here.

L-R: Margaret Pannell, Kelly Budden (RTBU Hamilton Deport delegate), Dan Wallace (Newcastle Trades Hall Secretary), Brett Peters (Vice President, Tram and Bus Division), Don Gallagher, Darryl Locke

L-R: Margaret Pannell, Kelly Budden (RTBU Hamilton Deport delegate), Dan Wallace (Newcastle Trades Hall Secretary), Brett Peters (Vice President, Tram and Bus Division), Don Gallagher, Darryl Locke