Oct 10


The Rail Tram & Bus Union, Australia wide will be undergoing an election across all areas for all positions. This election will be conducted by the Australian Electoral Commission.

In essence the election is divided into 3 sections:

  1. National Positions (Postal Ballot)
  1. State Branch Positions (Postal Ballot)
  1. Tram & Bus Divisional positions (Attendance Ballot)

National positions, Branch positions and some Branch Divisional positions other than Tram & Bus Division, will be conducted by postal ballot.

Tram & Bus Divisional positions across Australia will be conducted by attendance ballot at your workplace.

The postal ballot for National & Branch positions will commence on Monday 3 November 2014 and close at 5.00pm Monday 24 November 2014. Eligible members will receive separate ballot papers for National positions and NSW Branch positions from the Australian Electoral Commission in the mail, on or about Monday 3 November 2014. The AEC will include instructions and a return pre-paid envelope, for easy mailing by members. Be sure to complete ballot papers and mail back.

For eligible Tram & Bus Division members voting for Tram & Bus Divisional positions will be conducted at your workplace by attendance ballot Thursday 20th November 2014. Your Ballot papers will be handed to you by the AEC official on your request in the voting area at your workplace. The RTBU strongly urges members to take the time to cast your vote for both the postal ballot commencing Monday 3rd November 2014 for National & NSW Branch positions and also the attendance ballot for Tram & Bus positions at your workplace on Thursday 20th November 2014.

Have your say by exercising your democratic right to vote.

Tram & Bus Division Attendance Ballot

The RTBU Tram & Bus Division and its predecessor the Australian Tramway and Motor Omnibus Employees Association have been conducting Union Elections in the workplace as an attendance ballot since the Union was registered on 15th January 1911.

Download the RTBU General Election Notice here.

Oct 7

Union victories

Please take a moment to share your favourite union victory on Facebook – to show your pride and help our union movement to grow.

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Oct 3

Hunter Bussies stand up for Jobs, Rights, Services

Bus Division members from across the Hunter met to discuss the future of the region recently as part of the Jobs, Rights, Services campaign.

The Bus Division members heard from Daniel Wallace, Newcastle Trades Hall Secretary, who spoke about the importance of the campaign in ensuring job security and growth in the area – particularly in the lead up to the local by-elections in October and the state election in March next year.

Youth unemployment, cuts to TAFE, and the ripping up of the Newcastle rail line were hot topics of discussions for the workers at the meeting, as was the Baird Government’s attempts to privatise our essential services – including our bus networks.

Among those at the event were local drivers Margaret Pannell, Don Gallagher and Darryl Locke, RTBU Hamilton Depot delegate Kelly Budden, and Vice President of the Tram and Bus Division, Brett Peters.

Kelly Budden, Hamilton Depot delegate said campaign, being run centrally by Unions NSW, is all about supporting improved jobs, rights and services for working people in NSW.

“Bus Division members, in the Hunter and beyond, know all too well how important it is that we all stand together to protect our jobs and rights,” Kelly Budden said.

“It’s crucial that our Newcastle bus and ferry services and jobs remain in government hands and that working conditions for drivers remain secure. We’ll be doing everything we can to ensure that happens.”

See all the images from the event here.

L-R: Margaret Pannell, Kelly Budden (RTBU Hamilton Deport delegate), Dan Wallace (Newcastle Trades Hall Secretary), Brett Peters (Vice President, Tram and Bus Division), Don Gallagher, Darryl Locke

L-R: Margaret Pannell, Kelly Budden (RTBU Hamilton Deport delegate), Dan Wallace (Newcastle Trades Hall Secretary), Brett Peters (Vice President, Tram and Bus Division), Don Gallagher, Darryl Locke

Oct 2

Successful sick leave negotiations

Following a lengthy and difficult dispute, STA have now agreed to remove employees from the Absence Management Programme after six months, providing that they have complied with Award conditions.

Audits are currently being conducted in each depot, with local delegates present to ensure local management comply with the agreed outcome.

Delegates are already reporting large numbers of members coming off the Absence Management Programme (AMP).

Oct 2

Bus Express TV – Sept 30

In this edition of Bus Express, we hear from Gary Way and David Woollams about the concluded bus Enterprise Agreement, the union’s recent wins on travel time payments, sick leave, and the part-time/broken dispute.

Sep 29

Meet Your Local Delegate – Mark Delohery

Mark Delohery

Burwood Depot

Why did you become involved in the union?
 I was talked into getting involved by the exec at the time, and then three weeks later he resigned, leaving me to take his place. Since then I’ve never looked back. I like fighting for peoples’ rights and I want to make sure that no one is bullied or harassed at work. Everyone deserves to be treated in the right way.

Mark Delohery

What are your hobbies and interests?
I like building racecars and racing with my son – I most recently built a skid/burnout car. I also like sci fi movies.

Where do you live and why do you like it? I grew up in Maroubra but moved to St Marys 34 years ago. I love the area and get along well with the people who live there. It’s almost in the country, if you drive for five minutes you’re in the scrub. I’d never move back to the city.

Who would you like to have dinner with (dead or alive) and why?
 I’d like to have dinner with my cousin, Miranda Kerr. A lot of people don’t believe that she’s my cousin but my mother was a Kerr and is her aunty.

Sep 29

Enterprise agreement voted up

Members have overwhelmingly endorsed the proposed new agreement, with 90.34% of members voting in favour.


Sep 25

Election notice

Nominations have now closed for upcoming RTBU elections. The list of nominations for both the National Office and the NSW branch are available below:

National Office

NSW Branch Offices and Divisions

Sep 19

Union win on travel time payments

Through a routine dispute over excess travel time payments for drivers on loan from North Sydney to the Northern Beaches, the RTBU discovered the Northern Beaches General Manger was not paying the drivers their correct entitlements.

As a result, the RTBU demanded an audit on all depots across the network to see if this was an issue elsewhere.

The Union found that some 230 drivers had not been properly paid their excess travel payments since 1 July last year  – some of these drivers were owed multiple payments.

STA has now committed to paying what they owe to these drivers and they will see an addition to their bank accounts in the coming weeks.

The Union is continuing their investigations on this issue and holding further meetings with STA management to see just how much further back this issue goes.

Sep 19

Appeal Success!

The outcome of the Casuals/Part Time broken dispute appeal is excellent for Sydney and Newcastle bus drivers:

– STA cannot make part time broken shifts

– Docs and Sunday shifts and any voluntary overtime must be offered to permanent employees first with casuals only being used as a last resort.

Find out more here.