Jun 7

Light rail passengers forced onto buses as result of company incompetence

Sydney light rail passengers have been forced to use replacement buses after the company responsible for the line failed to notice that an overhead wire fault was causing severe damage to half of the light rail fleet. Read More »

Jun 6

New Bennelong Bridge sees service changes

Bennelong Bridge, which opened last month, between the newly established suburb of Wentworth Point and Rhodes will see service changes for the 525, 526 and 533 buses. Read More »

May 13

Know Your Rights – Skills Competency

SECTION 2 – EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP 7. Skills Competency 7.1 The Employer may direct an employee to carry out such duties where practical, as are within the limits of the employee’s skill, competence and training consistent with the classification structure of this Award provided that such duties are not designed to promote deskilling. Read More »

May 9

Hell 90 tamed

While the situation is still not perfect, the most violent bus route in the state, the L90, has seen a massive decrease in attacks on drivers following ongoing pressure from the union calling for action from the government. Read More »

May 4

Drivers face delays as light rail construction ramps up on Anzac Parade

It’s about to get even worse on the roads of Kensington as construction begins on the south east light rail. From Saturday May 7, a number of changes will occur on Anzac Parade including the removal of bus lanes. Read More »

May 1

Tram and Bus Division marched tall on May Day

Sydney’s 2016 May Day March showcased the diversity and strength of our movement. This year’s celebration marks 125 years since Australia’s first May Day March held in 1891 by striking shearers at Barcaldine in Queensland. Read More »

Apr 28

Newcastle Council rejects light rail route

Newcastle City Council has stood up for community and good sense by voting to reject the State Government’s planned light rail route, instead suggesting that the route should run down Hunter Street along with vehicle traffic. Read More »

Apr 27

Reality bites as Newcastle Light Rail “consultation” begins

When the term “sleepwalking into a planning disaster” is mentioned in the first line of a newspaper article, you know that the situation will probably only get worse. But that’s the reality of the proposed Newcastle Light Rail with the government finally releasing their Review of Environmental Factors for the project. Read More »

Apr 22

Division election results announced

The last couple of months have seen a flurry of voting by members for various positions in the Tram and Bus Division. We would like to thank all members who got involved in voting and helped decide the direction of the union. Click here to see the election results. Read More »