Jan 27

Patients before profits

As the state election looms, its time to send the Premier a clear message that public hospitals must not be privatised. Members are invited to come along to a meeting being held in Narrabeen at 6pm on the 29th of January.

Jan 23

Ask for a changeover if you get a flat tyre

There is an issue at the Ryde depot with bus operators being asked to drive with a flat tyre. The union advises all members to immediately ask for a changeover if you get a flat tyre.

Jan 21

Hands Off Our Buses!

Our colleagues in Queensland are fighting against bus privatisation this election.

If the LNP is re-elected bus services will go to tender, meaning they will likely be privatised.

Bus privatisation means job cuts. It also means more expensive transport and less bus services, less often.

Jan 21

Know Your Rights: Career Paths

Know Your Rights with Brett Peters this month features Career Paths

Jan 16


The union has had a huge win on excess travel time whilst on loan to another depot. State Transit are paying six years back pay for unpaid travel time.

Jan 12

Working with children check update

Unions NSW on behalf of all affected workers in NSW is still disputing the $80.00 fee for the working with children check. With no foreseeable end to the matter at this point in time and the due date approaching the union advises that Bus Operators should NOW start the process of obtaining this check.

Jan 7

Bad planning leads to bus chaos in Sydney

Bus drivers and passengers alike were extremely frustrated during peak hour on Monday morning with delays of almost two hours in some areas. But the NSW Government has no plan yet to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Jan 6

New Bus Award 2015

The new Bus Operators Award for 2015 has been ratified in the Industrial Relations Commission. Bus Operators are encouraged to download and print out a copy.

Jan 5

Meet your local delegate – Leon Barnard

I joined the union because I want to strengthen the position of our members and get positive outcomes. I want to see workers unite to overcome the forces against them…

Dec 19

Happy Christmas

As another year draws to a close we would like to wish all our members a happy Christmas and a safe and enjoyable festive season.