Nov 10

UNITED WE STAND – Sydney depots move to support Newcastle drivers.

Newcastle Buses will not stand alone as bus drivers from across Sydney have come to the aid of their northern comrades after State Liberal Government threats to privatise the publicly owned Newcastle bus and ferry network, putting at risk the jobs of 350 staff. Drivers at a dozen depots, representing thousands of union members, have […] Read More »

Nov 9

Privatisation “ambush” is at the expense of public bus and ferry services

Bus and Tram Division Secretary Chris Preston told NBN News that selling off buses in Newcastle was an ambush from a government desperate to make the light rail project more attractive to buyers by packaging it with Newcastle Buses, and has nothing to do with making the service better for locals.   Read More »

Nov 9

Light rail not the answer for Newcastle

Tram and Bus Division Secretary, Chris Preston, has called for the scrapping of light rail in Newcastle and the introduction of Rapid Buses. Read the full story here. Read More »

Nov 6

New bus routes a pain for the elderly

With the massive upheaval that has seen George Street closed to traffic, and 330 buses barred from entering the CBD, customers have had to rethink their travel plans. For most this has been an inconvenience with bus stops removed or buses delayed, but for others it is a real pain. Elderly people and people with […] Read More »

Nov 6

Taking the public out of public transport, says Newcastle Herald

The Newcastle Herald has today said what Transport Minister Andrew Constance refuses to say – that the NSW Government is privatising Newcastle Buses. Local services and local jobs will be under threat from this shock plan. Read the full article here. Read More »

Nov 6

Newcastle bus privatisation threatens 300 jobs

On the day that the heavy rail line started being torn up, Minister for Transport Andrew Constance also announced the privatisation of Newcastle Buses, putting the jobs of nearly 300 drivers and support staff under threat. Watch the NBN TV coverage here: Read More »

Nov 5

Newcastle transport sell-off a real risk to community

The NSW Government’s moves to sell off the Newcastle bus network is will cost local commuters dearly, workers said today. NSW Transport Minister, Andrew Constance today told the Rail, Tram and Bus Union that the Government has plans to privatise the buses, light rail and ferry system in the Newcastle region from June 2016. RTBU […] Read More »

Nov 2

Union concern as passengers take risks to tap off their Opals.

More than 16,000 passengers each day forget to tap off their Opal cards when they get off public transport, adding an additional $10 million to State Government coffers each year. Failing to tap off means that the full cost of the route is charged to passengers, even if they only travel one stop. This could […] Read More »

Nov 2

Bus services shuffled in Sydney CBD, reports Herald

As the realities of light rail construction continue to sink in, the Sydney Morning Herald have today reported on the six new services that will be running between the CBD and the inner suburbs. See the full article here. Read More »

Oct 29

Know Your Rights – Salary Sacrifice for Superannuation

This month Brett Peters explains your rights in relation to Salary Sacrifice for Superannuation. Read More »