Sep 19

Union win on travel time payments

Through a routine dispute over excess travel time payments for drivers on loan from North Sydney to the Northern Beaches, the RTBU discovered the Northern Beaches General Manger was not paying the drivers their correct entitlements.

As a result, the RTBU demanded an audit on all depots across the network to see if this was an issue elsewhere.

The Union found that some 230 drivers had not been properly paid their excess travel payments since 1 July last year  – some of these drivers were owed multiple payments.

STA has now committed to paying what they owe to these drivers and they will see an addition to their bank accounts in the coming weeks.

The Union is continuing their investigations on this issue and holding further meetings with STA management to see just how much further back this issue goes.

Sep 19

Appeal Success!

The outcome of the Casuals/Part Time broken dispute appeal is excellent for Sydney and Newcastle bus drivers:

– STA cannot make part time broken shifts

– Docs and Sunday shifts and any voluntary overtime must be offered to permanent employees first with casuals only being used as a last resort.

Find out more here.

Sep 17

Casual/Part Time Broken Dispute

The RTBU’s Senior Barrister has written a letter celebrating the hard work and success in the long-running casual/part time broken dispute. You can read the full letter here


Sep 17

Your rights and conditions protected under the new Award

The Bus Division of the RTBU has negotiated for the new Bus Operators Award to maintain all existing conditions.

Members voted overwhelmingly at rank and file meetings (unanimous at most locations) to demand that all existing Award conditions remain included in the new Agreement – and the Union had delivered.

You can download details of the three-year agreement here

Feel free to contact your local delegate if you have any questions or email:


Sep 11

Meet Your Local Delegate – Michael De Meo

demeoWhy did you become involved in the union?
 Before STA, I was a Factory Manager in the furniture industry. I had always considered myself a team player and helped my fellow work colleagues. I believe that having 100% completion in my production required a successful and strong team who worked together.
 I think Port Botany is the best Depot in STA and I consider my fellow work colleagues like a family, as I spend 12 to 14 hours of the day at work.
I believe in a fair workplace where everyone is treated equally. And besides, who wouldn’t help family if they were in trouble?

2. What are your hobbies and interests?
Going fishing, soccer (Italy to win the next world cup), taking my kids to soccer and watching them play, spending time with my family and helping my kids with their homework.

3. Who would you like to have dinner with (dead or alive) and why?
My wife and children because life is short and every moment together is like gold.

Michael De Meo, RTBU Delegate for Port Botany depot

Sep 5

Bus Express TV – Sept 5


In this edition of Bus Express, Chris Preston and David Woollams give an update on the proposed new Enterprise Agreement. They also explain that union representatives will be giving a briefing in all depots in the coming weeks to discuss this further, and confirm that they plan to go to a ballot in September 26 at each location.


Sep 4

STA boss takes up the Ice bucket challenge

Bus and Tram Division Secretary Chris Preston challenged National Secretary Bob Nanva and STA boss Peter Rowley to take the ice bucket challenge to raise awareness and money for Motor Neurone Disease after he had also taken on the challenge.

And they did it!

Bob Nanva – ice bucket challenge

Peter Rowley – ice bucket challenge

Thanks to both for being such good sports and getting on board this important cause.

Sep 3

Coming to a depot near you…

Union representatives will be coming to all bus depots in the coming weeks to ensure members are fully briefed about what’s in the proposed new Enterprise Agreement.

Check with your local delegate about when the briefing will be held in your depot.

For members unable to attend the briefing, your delegate can answer any questions you may have individually.

It is important that all members understand what is in the proposed Agreement before the attendance ballot, which will be conducted by the union in each depot on Friday the 26th of September between 8am and 4pm.

Please keep checking Bus Express for any updates.

Sep 2

Bus Division takes the ice bucket challenge

RTBU Divisional Secretary Chris Preston has taken the ice bucket challenge after being nominated by Brookvale delegate Narelle Sinclair. Watch the video here:

Narelle took the challenge along with co-delegate Ed Robinson and a number of other Brookvale members to raise money and awareness for motor neurone disease (MND), a terrible disease which one Brookvale member is living with.

Chris Preston has nominated the RTBU’s National Secretary Bob Nanva and the State Transit CEO Peter Rowley to take up the challenge, or donate $100 to the cause.

Motor neurone disease (MND) is a progressive disease that causes the degeneration of motor neurons and leads to the wasting of muscles. MND is known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) in other parts of the world.

The ice bucket challenge is a fundraising campaign in which nominated people are asked to post a video of themselves pouring a bucket of ice water on their head, or donate to help find a cure for MND.

Sep 2

Know your wages policy

As negotiations on the new award for bus drivers continues, it is important that members understand the conditions under which we are bargaining.

Under the NSW Government Wages Policy, public sector employees can only receive a maximum pay increase capped at 2.5 per cent per annum.

This 2.5 per cent wage cap was passed as law and is inclusive of the superannuation increase mandated by the Federal government.

This means that the NSW Government is able to absorb the expense of the increased superannuation contribution by reducing the pay increase to workers.

Plus the wage policy means that anything above the cap must be compensated for by a reduction in other employee-related conditions.

If you want to know all the details of this harsh policy which in now in law, you can check out the Budget Measures Bill 2014 and in particular from page 27 through to page 30.