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May 26

Uber buses: the Transport Minister is dreaming

Bus passengers in Sydney’s inner west may be able to summon smaller vehicles to pick them up on demand, according to Andrew Constance’s latest vision for a franchised bus operation in the area. But the bus union has rubbished the idea, saying on-demand buses are a fanciful notion for the inner city. RTBU Bus Division […] Read More »

May 25

Labor claims removal of bus stops ‘a ploy’ to make Region 6 more attractive to private operators

Labor claims a move to remove many bus stops in Region 6 was “a ploy” by the government to make the services more attractive to a private operator. Read More »

May 25

Uni students not convinced privatisation would solve transport woes

Frustrated University of NSW students already lumped with abysmal bus services from the Kensington campus have said they were not convinced privatising public transport would improve their commute. Read More »

May 24

Messages of support

We’ve had a steady stream of support for our campaign against bus privatisation from other unions, community organisations and individuals. Here are some of their messages. Read More »

May 18

Great turnout at Bus Division press conference!

There was a fantastic turn out at the RTBU Bus Division media conference on Thursday morning. A big thank you to all of our members who came and a special thank you to members of other unions who turned out in support. Read More »

Jul 29

Private buyers in for workforce shock

Divisional Secretary Chris Preston took to the airwaves in Newcastle to let the public know just what is happening to drivers in Newcastle. Read More »

Jul 27

Grand tour for private operators as government continues to ignore Newcastle workers

Transport for NSW is today hosting a goodwill tour of depots for companies tendering for contracts to operate the privatised Transport for Newcastle, as drivers again wear plain clothes to show their displeasure at a lack of support and information coming from government. Read More »

Jun 24

Newcastle industrial action brings TfNSW back to the table

Yesterday saw a new round of industrial action in Newcastle, with drivers refusing to wear uniforms and not accepting fares from passengers. This had the desired effect with the government calling the union early in the morning and agreeing to return to the table and speak with workers. Read More »

Jun 14

Waiting for answers no holiday as drivers put on their Hawaiian shirts

In an act of frustration, Newcastle Bus drivers have refused to wear their uniforms and instead chose to wear brightly coloured Hawaiian shirts to protest the lack of information provided by TfNSW about just what the sell off of services will mean for workers. Read More »

Apr 15

Information Session leaves questions unanswered

Five months after the first announcement that public transport in Newcastle faced privatisation, Transport for NSW have finally met with workers. Read More »