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May 18

Great turnout at Bus Division press conference!

There was a fantastic turn out at the RTBU Bus Division media conference on Thursday morning. A big thank you to all of our members who came and a special thank you to members of other unions who turned out in support. Read More »

May 16

SMH: Sydney bus privatisation plan is betrayal

Tram and Bus Division Secretary Chris Preston told the Sydney Morning Herald this morning that bus drivers are furious about the recent decision to privatise scores of routes in Sydney’s inner west. Mr Preston said workers had been told as recently as December that STA’s contract for bus regions in Sydney would remain after a restructure that included the […] Read More »

Sep 20

Light Rail under heavy pressure

Just months after securing a better deal for light rail drivers, Divisional Secretary Chris Preston is again calling for a better deal on the cities network, this time for passengers. Read More »

Jul 29

Private buyers in for workforce shock

Divisional Secretary Chris Preston took to the airwaves in Newcastle to let the public know just what is happening to drivers in Newcastle. Read More »

May 1

Tram and Bus Division marched tall on May Day

Sydney’s 2016 May Day March showcased the diversity and strength of our movement. This year’s celebration marks 125 years since Australia’s first May Day March held in 1891 by striking shearers at Barcaldine in Queensland. Read More »

Nov 20

Opal card reader breakdowns worst on buses

The Union has been fighting for government action on this for years. Problems with the Opal readers are a daily issue for most drivers, and resulted in some passengers forking out more for trips because they could not swipe their cards to pay when they got off buses. Read the full story and Chris Preston’s response here. Read More »

Oct 23

15 minute wait to turn at nightmare CBD intersection

Members who regularly drive on Bridge, Loftus, Gresham and Park Street near Circular Quay in Sydney’s CBD already know: this area is likely to be a major congestion hot spot once George Street finally closes. Read More »

Oct 6

Day one: Bus route changes in the CBD

RTBU Divisional Secretary Chris Preston and Assistant Branch Secretary David Woollams have walked the length of the city this morning to monitor the effects of the the re-routing of buses in the Sydney CBD. Read More »

Mar 17

We’ve just about had enough of Opal

Channel 7 reports on bus drivers’ frustration with the Opal system, including an interview with RTBU Bus and Tram Divisional Secretary Chris Preston. Read More »

Jan 7

Bad planning leads to bus chaos in Sydney

Bus drivers and passengers alike were extremely frustrated during peak hour on Monday morning with delays of almost two hours in some areas. But the NSW Government has no plan yet to ensure it doesn’t happen again. Read More »