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May 23

Know Your Rights – Working of Voluntary Overtime

with Brett Peters….

 Working of Voluntary Overtime

31.3 State Transit will establish a record book at each depot, in the Duty Office, for all permanent staff wishing to do additional duties/Voluntary Overtime on the day.

31.4 Should additional work be allocated, it is to be allocated to full-time staff in the first instance. If no full-time employee is available, then a part-time employee, and if no part-time employee is available, then casual employees may be allocated the additional duties.

Mar 23

Know Your Rights – Hours of Work

with Brett Peters….

 Hours of Work

27.5 Length of shift.

The ordinary hours of dutu on any shift shall be no greater than nine hours and no less than seven

27.6 Length of shift – broken shifts

On any broken shift portion the ordinary hours of duty shall be no greater than five.

27.7 The maximum spread of hours on any broken shift shall be 12.

Feb 13

Know your rights: Job Share

with Brett Peters….

10. Job Share

10.1 The Parties agree to enable employees covered under this Award to participate in job share arrangements where possible. The intention of the Parties is to improve employee retention rates by providing more flexible patterns of work through job share arrangements, with particular emphasis on:

a) employees contemplating a reduction in working hours prior to retirement; and

b) employees needing to balance work commitments and family responsibilities

10.2 Job Share arrangements must be agreed to by the employees’ manager and be documented in writing.

Jan 21

Know Your Rights: Career Paths

with Brett Peters….

20. Career Paths

20.1 Where an employee covered under this Award takes up an Apprenticeship or Traineeship within State Transit, the employee will maintain their current rate of pay under this Award, until the pay rate in the new position has exceeded the aforementioned rate.

20.2 Employees who take an Apprenticeship or Traineeship and are subject to sub-clause 20.1 herein are to take the conditions of the relevant Awards for the work performed

Dec 1

Know Your Rights: Paid Maternity Leave

with Brett Peters….

62. Paid maternity leave

62.1 A female permanent employee is entitled to paid maternity leave in accordance with this clause and with State Transit’s Parenting Leave Procedures.

62.2 An employee who has, or will have, completed 40 weeks continuous service before the expected date of birth, is entitled to paid maternity leave.

62.3 Maternity leave is a period of not more than four weeks prior to the expected date of birth and not more than 52 weeks after the actual date of birth.

Oct 28

Know Your Rights: Purchased Leave

with Brett Peters….

61. Purchased Leave for Personal Or Family Needs

61.1 The personal and family leave scheme is voluntary and available to all permanent employees covered by this Award who have been continuously employed for a period of twelve months who wish to extend their leave options for personal reasons or family responsibilities.

61.4 Employees are required to re-apply annually if they wish to participate in the scheme.

61.8 The minimum amount of personal or family leave that can be taken in any one period will be one week and the maximum will be four weeks in a twelve-month period.

Dec 5

Know your rights: A Christmas edition

with Brett Peters….

I would like to wish all RTBU Bus and Tram Division members and their families a safe, happy and prosperous holiday season and New Year.Your membership and input is what makes our union strong.

Section 42. Rosters

42.3 Employees shall be rostered off on two clear days in each rostered week.
42.4 Employees shall sign off at the depots at which they signed on, except where an Employee and the Employer agree to other arrangements.
Nov 22

Know your Rights: Meal breaks

with Brett Peters….

36. Meal breaks

36.1 Employees shall not be rostered to work for more than five hours without an unpaid meal break.

36.2 A minimum of 40 minutes and a maximum of 50 minutes shall be allowed for an unpaid meal break.

36.5 Meal breaks shall be provided at a time when an employee has access to meal facilities.

Nov 8

Know your rights: Income protection

With Brett Peters…

18. Income protection

18.1 There will be no roster changes made solely for the purpose of reducing the rake home pay of employees cover by this Award.

18.2 No shift changes will result in a loss of take home pay of more than two percent over a twelve month period (based on a financial year), below the average pay of each shift type, e.g.: AM, Day, Midday, Broken and PM shifts, except for part time rosters. For the avoidance of doubt, shift changes shall include both major and minor shift changes.

Oct 25

Know your Rights: Rates of pay for bus trainees

With Brett Peters…

17. Rates of pay for bus trainees

17.1 Employees who commence employment on a Bus Traineeship shall, following completion of their Traineeship, move to the rate of pay for a Bus Operator Level 2.