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Jul 3

Domestic violence victims need job security

Violence within families is occurring in epidemic proportions in Australia currently and it’s clear we need sweeping cultural and policy changes. Ensuring that workers can access specific leave for victims to deal with domestic violence is a small but important part of the solution. Read More »

Jun 27

Know Your Rights: Annual Leave

With Brett Peters… Annual Leave 55 55.5 Any employee who has completed at least one year’s service, who is regularly on shift work and/or public holidays, when proceeding on annual leave shall be paid a loading at the rate of 20% of the appropriate weekly wage rate prescribed under Part B, Table 1 of this […] Read More »

May 30

Know Your Rights: Bereavement Leave

With Brett Peters… 62.1 An employee is entitled to up to 2 days paid leave on each occasion if a member of the immediate family or household in Australia dies. 62.2 Each day or part day ised under 62.1 is deducted from the amount of personal/carer leave under sub-clause 59.1.           […] Read More »

May 29

Executive steel for strong worker conditions

Once again the Steel City put on a fabulous day for the second meeting of the full Executive on 21 May 2012. The meeting built on the success of last year’s meeting, addressing a number of the key issues for bus drivers. A particular focus was the ongoing uniform allowance dispute which has seen STA deny drivers reimbursement for money […] Read More »

Apr 12

Know Your Rights: Parental Leave

With Brett Peters… 65. Parental Leave 65.2 An employee who is not eligible for maternity leave or adoption leave may, in special circumstances, be granted parental leave to care for a child who is under two years of age at the time the leave commences. 65.4 Parental leave is for a period of not more […] Read More »