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Nov 9

Privatisation “ambush” is at the expense of public bus and ferry services

Bus and Tram Division Secretary Chris Preston told NBN News that selling off buses in Newcastle was an ambush from a government desperate to make the light rail project more attractive to buyers by packaging it with Newcastle Buses, and has nothing to do with making the service better for locals.   Read More »

Nov 9

Light rail not the answer for Newcastle

Tram and Bus Division Secretary, Chris Preston, has called for the scrapping of light rail in Newcastle and the introduction of Rapid Buses. Read the full story here. Read More »

Nov 6

Newcastle bus privatisation threatens 300 jobs

On the day that the heavy rail line started being torn up, Minister for Transport Andrew Constance also announced the privatisation of Newcastle Buses, putting the jobs of nearly 300 drivers and support staff under threat. Watch the NBN TV coverage here: Read More »

May 18

Still no answers on light rail re-routing

Despite numerous requests, STA is still refusing to provide the Bus Division with any information about the plans for bus re-routing while the works on the South East Light Rail Link take place. Read More »

Nov 3

Working with children check

Members are advised that they should wait until next year before they pay the $80 to do their next working with children check. Unions NSW still has this matter before the IRC where they are continuing the fight to win this dispute. Read More »

Aug 12

Carer’s Leave dispute

Following a long running dispute between the Union and STA about when members can use a “Statutory Declaration” for Carer’s Leave, the following arrangements were put in place during Industrial Relations Commission Proceedings: “Statutory Declarations can be used for 5 days of Carer’s Leave per year, unless you are on the Absence Management Program”. NSW […] Read More »

Jul 18

Award negotiations begin

With the current Bus Operators Award expiring in December, negotiations between the Union and the State Transit Authority for a new Award have commenced. Following very large rank and file depot meetings where members voted overwhelmingly (unanimous at most locations) to demand that all existing Award conditions remain included in the new Agreement, State Transit […] Read More »

Jun 23

Update: Casuals/Part Timer Broken Dispute

The appeal lodged by STA against Justice Staff’s original decision, handed down on 6 December 2013, has now been concluded. The Union is now waiting on a decision from the Full Bench of the Industrial Relations Commission. This could take several months and members will be notified as soon as it is handed down. Read More »

May 7

Update: Part time broken shifts and casuals appeal

Members are advised that the appeal being heard by the full bench of the NSW Industrial Relations Commission, in relation to STA’s desire to make Part Time Broken shifts and use Casuals to cover absences in the first instance, is ongoing. The scheduled one-day appeal hearing that took place on 30 April 2014 was insufficient […] Read More »

Nov 19

STA dispute: drivers have their day in court

Drivers crowded the court at the Industrial Relations Commission on Thursday last week to hear the opening address from the Bus and Tram Division defending their working conditions from STA attack. Members will be vary aware of STA’s attempts to introduce casuals to work vacant shifts and part time, broken shifts to reduce overtime payments […] Read More »