On Monday February 18, the RTBU spoke to the media in Newcastle to remind customers to take out their frustrations with the Government’s removal of the fare free zone on the Transport Minister, not drivers.

This NSW Government have run Newcastle transport to the ground and it’s commuters who are having to pay the price for it time and time again.

You can read our Media Release below.


Media Release: Commuters forced to pay for inferior service as fare free zone lifted & Commuters reminded to respect drivers

Commuters are being forced to pay for an inferior transport system from today, as the NSW Government lifts its ‘fare free’ zone.

Bus and Tram Division Secretary, David Babineau, said the lifting of the fare free zone is bound to cause frustrations given the shambolic state the NSW Transport Minister has left Newcastle’s public transport system in.

Mr Babineau also called on commuters to remember not to take their anger out on bus drivers during the transition period.

“We understand how frustrating this is for Newcastle commuters – we’re frustrated too. But it’s really important not to take those frustrations out on the bus drivers and other workers who are simply doing their job,” Mr Babineau said.

“It’s important to remember that it’s not the bus drivers themselves making these decisions. It’s the Transport Minister we should all be taking our frustrations out on.

“The NSW Government has run Newcastle’s public transport system into the ground. The region was repeatedly promised a world-class public transport system, but what we’ve got at the moment is second-rate at best.”


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