Dec 13

RTBU Tram & Bus Media Release: Auditor General report shows Government can’t be trusted to plan for Newcastle

Auditor General report shows Government can’t be trusted to plan for Newcastle   An Auditor General report has revealed that the NSW government decided to spend hundreds of millions in tax payer money on a Newcastle tram without a business case and without consulting the community.   The Rail Tram and Bus Union’s Tram and Bus […] Read More »

Dec 11

RTBU welcomes Labor’s commitment to review Newcastle buses

The RTBU NSW Tram and Bus Division welcomes Labor’s commitment announced today, to audit the Newcastle bus network and work towards returning buses back to Beaumont street, if elected in March. Bus privatisation in Newcastle has been an absolute disaster not just for commuters but also for local businesses in Newcastle who have suffered a […] Read More »

Dec 7

Taxpayer money wasted on empty buses to nowhere

Media release: The NSW Government’s on-demand bus trials are costing taxpayers around $150 per person, per trip to run and are merely a poorly designed opportunity for private operators to extract more money from the travelling public, the RTBU says. Data in the Sydney Morning Herald on Friday outlines how dismal a failure many of the on-demand services […] Read More »

Nov 30

Newcastle commuters left waiting as bus privatisation experiment fails

Media release, 30 Nov 2018: Newcastle’s bus privatisation experiment has been a dismal failure, with a new report revealing that one in 11 buses in the area turn up late. The NSW auditor-general’s public transport report shows that Newcastle is one of only 12 “outer Sydney” areas that has failed to meet a punctuality target […] Read More »

Nov 30

NSW Government handling of light rail project an expensive joke

In a further sign of the Transport Minister’s shambolic handling of the Sydney Light Rail project, a Parliamentary Inquiry has been told there’s a risk of even further delays and cost blow outs. The Acciona CEO fronted the inquiry into the project today and confirmed there’s a significant risk of delays beyond the government’s May […] Read More »

Nov 29

Acciona awarded $7.9 million Government project despite shocking track record

The RTBU Tram and Bus division has serious concerns as to why the NSW Government has decided to provide beleaguered light rail contractor Acciona with another major job paid for by the taxpayer despite the Spanish company having a disastrous track record to date.   Considering the litany of failings that Acciona have been involved […] Read More »

Nov 21

Bus Express: Safety neglect on Sydney’s light rail

The safety of workers and the public should always be the number one priority for any project, but yet Sydney’s light rail continues to raise red flags when it comes to safety. Today it’s been revealed that Sydney’s new light rail will likely be a potential target for terrorist attacks due to the area being […] Read More »

Nov 6

New Inquiry into autonomous vehicles suggests danger on its way

The Australian Parliament’s Infrastructure, Transport and Cities Committee has recently commenced a new inquiry into the use of automated vehicles. The RTBU Tram and Bus Division hold serious concerns about the Australian Government conducting such an inquiry, indicating that Government funding for dangerous autonomous vehicles could be on its way.   The Chair of the […] Read More »

Sep 14

SMH: Experts warned on high costs of Sydney light rail project six years ago

Tax payers and commuters should be outraged at the negligence of this NSW Government. Sydney’s light rail has been plagued with ridiculous cost blow outs and the delays on the service are continuing. Add to that the fact that the light rail will already be severely crowded when it opens because of this government’s poor planning. For every mistake this […] Read More »

Sep 14

Sydney’s buses get digital ‘third eye’ view to prevent collisions

iTNews: “The NSW Government has unveiled plans to equip the 38 double-decker buses travelling on the B-Line with intelligent collision avoidance devices. The state government initially trialled the Mobileye technology on the CBD to Northern Beaches line back in February. Statistics from the NSW Centre for Road Safety show that 30 people were killed and 472 […] Read More »