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May 9

Hell 90 tamed

While the situation is still not perfect, the most violent bus route in the state, the L90, has seen a massive decrease in attacks on drivers following ongoing pressure from the union calling for action from the government. Read More »

Feb 3

Randwick evacuated

An urgent evacuation of Randwick depot took place on January 27. Read More »

Jan 22

Back to fighting the good fight – welcome back, Andy.

After a massive battle with cancer, Andy West is back at work at the Willoughby Depot. Andy has been off work for more than 6 months, enduring hospitalisation and a month long stay in intensive care following dangerous and complicated surgery. The Willoughby Depot are thrilled to have Andy back, and would like to thank […] Read More »

Dec 11

Inside Mona Vale’s Christmas bus

Graham Christie from Mona Vale depot has high hopes they’ll take out the prize again this year for the best Christmas bus and says the key to winning is enthusiasm.

Keep reading for a sneak peak into Mona Vale’s Christmas bendy bus! Read More »

Dec 1

Randwick depot gets into the Christmas spirit

It’s that time of the year again and on a stinking hot day Randwick’s bus depot Institute hosted its children’s Christmas party in the park lands of Centennial Park. Read More »

Sep 11

Meet Your Local Delegate – Michael De Meo

Why did you become involved in the union?
 Before STA, I was a Factory Manager in the furniture industry. I had always considered myself a team player and helped my fellow work colleagues. I believe that having 100% completion in my production required a successful and strong team who worked together.
 I think Port Botany is […] Read More »

Sep 3

Coming to a depot near you…

Union representatives will be coming to all bus depots in the coming weeks to ensure members are fully briefed about what’s in the proposed new Enterprise Agreement. Check with your local delegate about when the briefing will be held in your depot. Read More »

Nov 15

Big turn outs at rank and file depot meetings

Delegates are reporting large attendances at depot union meetings, with members keen to show their support for our union as it takes on STA over its attacks on our hard won conditions. Members understand their pay packets and rosters will suffer if STA succeed in introducing part time broken shifts and start to give our […] Read More »

Nov 13

Tastes of Tempe: the BBQ road show continues

Union Officials supplied the ingredients and offered to help, but the Tempe master chefs were running the show. Union members from far and wide descended on the Tempe Depot meal room for an amazing feast. They called it a Bar-b-que, but it was more like an international buffet with flavours from all around the globe. […] Read More »

Dec 14

The Hot Topic

Dollars and sense at STA Tell us what is REALLY going to make STA more efficient. All members will be aware that STA CEO Peter Rowley has done a tour of depots trying to convince drivers to accept changes to the Enterprise Agreement he negotiated with drivers not one year ago – all in the […] Read More »