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Jun 25

Driver training: union has massive safety win

In a massive win for safety, the RTBU has successfully fought to get State Transit to change its position on driver training. The STA is nearing the end of a three month trial of outsourcing its driver training to an external provider – a trial which the RTBU has had serious concerns about. STA was […] Read More »

Jan 23

Ask for a changeover if you get a flat tyre

There is an issue at the Ryde depot with bus operators being asked to drive with a flat tyre. The union advises all members to immediately ask for a changeover if you get a flat tyre. Read More »

Jan 12

Working with children check update

Unions NSW on behalf of all affected workers in NSW is still disputing the $80.00 fee for the working with children check. With no foreseeable end to the matter at this point in time and the due date approaching the union advises that Bus Operators should NOW start the process of obtaining this check. Read More »

Oct 2

Successful sick leave negotiations

The union has negotiated a good outcome on sick leave and the absence management programme. Read More »

Sep 19

Appeal Success!

The outcome of the Casuals/Part Time broken dispute appeal is excellent for Sydney and Newcastle bus drivers. Read More »

Nov 19

STA dispute: drivers have their day in court

Drivers crowded the court at the Industrial Relations Commission on Thursday last week to hear the opening address from the Bus and Tram Division defending their working conditions from STA attack. Members will be vary aware of STA’s attempts to introduce casuals to work vacant shifts and part time, broken shifts to reduce overtime payments […] Read More »

Aug 30

Waverley depot protests against harsh application of the discipline policy

Fed up with management’s lack of respect for workers and what they see as unreasonably tough reactions to minor offences, members at Waverley depot have voted unanimously to put discipline into dispute. Members also voted for a petition to present to the depot manager expressing their anger and disappointment at this over-the-top regime. The issues are many […] Read More »

Mar 22

Update uniform dispute – Magistrate critical of “poorly written” uniform allowance clause

The Chief Industrial Magistrate has made comments in ongoing proceedings which would suggest that the uniform allowance clause in our Award which was agreed on in 2007 is completely inadequate.  The magistrate stated in court that the clause was “poorly written with no amount stipulated”, he suggested that in the absence of an amount it […] Read More »

Dec 5

Date set for conciliation on uniform allowance dispute

A date has been set for conciliation on the Bus Division’s long running dispute with STA over uniform allowance. Drivers continue to be denied the allowance they are owed for their uniforms needs by STA. This issue will now come before the Chief Industrial Magistrates Court on the 23rd of January. The key point of […] Read More »

Aug 9

Uniform dispute update

Union solicitors Slater & Gordon appeared in the Chief Industrial Magistrates Court again on Thursday July 30, where State Transit were forced to hand over documents relevant to the uniform dispute which had been subpoenaed by the union. Read More »