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Sep 10

Improvements needed as bus complaints pile up

More than 34,450 complaints were raised with the Baird Government about the Sydney’s bus network in just the last year. Complaints related to buses running late, uncleanliness, and missed stops. Read More »

Jun 16

Driver and passenger safety still not on Transdev wish list

A stop work meeting today saw Sydney’s light rail come to a halt as dozens of light rail drivers walked off the job to defend commuter safety as private operator Transdev attempts to push workers and carriages to breaking point as overcrowding grips the network. Read More »

May 9

Hell 90 tamed

While the situation is still not perfect, the most violent bus route in the state, the L90, has seen a massive decrease in attacks on drivers following ongoing pressure from the union calling for action from the government. Read More »

Mar 15

No action on security leaves bus drivers in danger

With another violent attack on a Sydney Buses on Sunday afternoon, the union has called for harsher penalties for offenders who assault drivers, passengers, and damage buses. Read More »

Aug 6

Union wins State Transit backdown on safety cutbacks at Moore Park event busway black spot

RTBU Tram and Bus Division has acted on concerns from Randwick depot drivers and forced State Transit to maintain supervision at known dangerous spots for pedestrian accidents and fatalities during special events at the Moore Park precinct, raising safety concerns among bus drivers. ST had planned to hand supervision to the Centennial Park Trust without any guarantee […] Read More »

Aug 5

Cutbacks and privatisation push breed ‘bacteria buses’

Today the media is reporting that the filthy state of NSW buses is posing a health risk to commuters. You can read the full story here. The RTBU is not surprised given that the NSW Government has slashed cleaner jobs and outsourced cleaning operations to the private sector – first in rail and now in buses […] Read More »

Dec 3

Chistmas Bus driver achieves hero status

Long time bus driver Margaret Pannell, started decorating her bus in the lead up to Christmas to give her passengers a bit of holiday cheers, but it has turned into so much more. Since the enthusiastic response she received in the first year she did it, her decoration collection has grown, there are carols and […] Read More »

Nov 18

Unions NSW takes action over children check concern

Unions NSW Deputy Assistant Secretary Mark Morey will convene a meeting of unions affected by the introduction of fees to undergo the Working with Children Check after the Bus and Tram Division registered its concern about the impact this would have on its members. A number of unions are also concerned about the introduction of […] Read More »

Jul 27

Bus drivers left stranded during Wynyard breakdowns

Doing the Wynyard shuffle is right. Every day drivers are forced to deal with congestion, and the frustration that comes with it, at the Wynyard bus exchange. But when two buses broke down near Clarence St during peak hour on Tuesday that frustration went through the roof. Traffic all but stoped along the Harbour Bridge […] Read More »

Jul 26

The Hot Topic

Calling all bus drivers: Share your story Bus drivers provide around 15 000 services every day to the people NSW and this number is set to grow. They drive buses under a variety of conditions. They often face extreme traffic congestion in the city, they provide services to communities that would otherwise be left stranded […] Read More »