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May 30

Know your rights: Annual Leave

With Brett Peters… Career Break Section 54 54.5 Any employee who has completed at least one year’s service, who is regularly on shift work and/or public holidays, when proceeding on annual leave shall be paid a loading at the rate of 20% of the appropriate weekly wage rate prescribed under Part B, Table 1 of this […] Read More »

May 3

Know your rights: Career Break

With Brett Peters… Career Break Section 65 65.1 A permanent employee who has been continuously employed with State Transit for a minimum period of five years may make application to take a fixed period of time off work, in order to fulfil family or personal commitments or to pursue personal development without loss of job […] Read More »

Apr 11

Know your rights: Work on a Public Holiday

With Brett Peters… Work on a Public Holiday Section 67 67.1 An employee required to work on a Public Holiday which falls on Monday to Friday shift shall be paid at time and one half for all time worked on the Public Holiday. All time worked on a Public Holiday which falls on a Saturday […] Read More »

Sep 8

Know Your Rights – Shift Penalties

With Brett Peters… Shift Penalties. Section 34 Sub Section 34.3 For all time on duty between the hours of 5.00 pm and 7.00 am (other than on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) employees, except those employed on broken shifts, shall be paid 15% more than their ordinary rates. Read More »

Jul 14

Know Your Rights – Wages and Wage Increases

… with Brett Peters SECTION 3 – WAGES AND RELATED MATTERS 15. Read More »

Jun 10

Know Your Rights – Part time Bus Operator

with Brett Peters… Section 12. Permanent Part-Time Bus Operator Read More »

May 13

Know Your Rights – Skills Competency

SECTION 2 – EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP 7. Skills Competency 7.1 The Employer may direct an employee to carry out such duties where practical, as are within the limits of the employee’s skill, competence and training consistent with the classification structure of this Award provided that such duties are not designed to promote deskilling. Read More »

Apr 16

Know Your Rights – Overtime

30. Overtime 30.4 An employee called upon to work overtime beyond the normal rostered shift after 11.30 pm and before 5.30 am shall, upon request, be provided by the employer with transport to or from the employee’s place of residence. Read More »

Feb 4

Know Your Rights – Certificate III in Driving Operations (Bus)

  with Brett Peters… Certificate III in Driving Operations (Bus) Read More »

Oct 29

Know Your Rights – Salary Sacrifice for Superannuation

This month Brett Peters explains your rights in relation to Salary Sacrifice for Superannuation. Read More »