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Nov 21

Bus Express: Safety neglect on Sydney’s light rail

The safety of workers and the public should always be the number one priority for any project, but yet Sydney’s light rail continues to raise red flags when it comes to safety. Today it’s been revealed that Sydney’s new light rail will likely be a potential target for terrorist attacks due to the area being […] Read More »

Sep 14

SMH: Experts warned on high costs of Sydney light rail project six years ago

Tax payers and commuters should be outraged at the negligence of this NSW Government. Sydney’s light rail has been plagued with ridiculous cost blow outs and the delays on the service are continuing. Add to that the fact that the light rail will already be severely crowded when it opens because of this government’s poor planning. For every mistake this […] Read More »

Sep 2

Light rail ‘crush capacity’

Confidential government documents have revealed that the number of passengers enduring “crush capacity” on Sydney’s inner west light rail line or being left behind on platforms will worsen unless the NSW Government buys more trams. The Sydney Morning Herald has reported that the documents show that even if new trams are bought, it will be […] Read More »

May 24

The Australian: Premier’s team short by $600m on light rail costs

In The Australian by Andrew Clennell  Gladys Berejiklian’s then department was informed in mid-2014 that the cost of ripping up and ­moving powerlines in George Street for the Sydney light rail project was as high as $700 million — but factored in just $100m when the now NSW Premier ­announced months later that the project […] Read More »

May 24

SMH: Second firm takes legal action over Sydney’s ‘disastrous’ light rail

The disaster that is Sydney’s light rail project demonstrates Andrew Constance’s complete incompetence and recklessness. Not only is the project (a single light rail line down one street) billions over budget it is running years overdue, inconveniencing hundreds of thousands of Sydneysiders every day. Now, another company is suing the NSW Government. This story comes […] Read More »

May 17

Daily Telegraph: Acciona’s track record of bitter legal stoushes

What a disaster. Once again, Constance hasn’t done his homework. We cannot trust this NSW Government to do a single thing right. Read the story below or the full article by Annabel Hennessy here.  The Daily Telegraph can reveal Acciona’s bitter legal stoush with Transport NSW over the ­behind-schedule light rail is far from the first contractual spat the […] Read More »

May 17

AFR: Light rail problems ‘no surprise’

In the AFR by Jenny Wiggins An underbidder for the disastrous Sydney light rail project says it was obvious the biggest risk to the project was moving utilities. ‘‘We all knew the biggest risk was the utilities,’’ Inaki Mendizabal, the director overseeing the Asia Pacific for CAF. An underbidder for the disastrous Sydney light rail project […] Read More »

Apr 26

ABC: Sydney’s light rail is one year behind schedule

It’s no surprise to us that this Government have completely bungled Sydney’s light rail project in the same way they bungle everything else. This NSW Government is completely incapable of managing our transport network. Whether it’s buses, trains, or the light rail project – Constance and the NSW Government can’t seem to get it right. […] Read More »

Apr 23

Secret documents detailing Sydney’s $2.1b light rail won’t be released

Once again, this NSW Government is shrouding it’s transport projects in secrecy. The public deserve to know where their tax payer dollars are going, and it looks like most of it is going down the drain. Read an excerpt from the Sydney Morning Herald below, or full article here by Matt O’Sullivan. The Opposition’s attempt to force […] Read More »

Sep 20

Light Rail under heavy pressure

Just months after securing a better deal for light rail drivers, Divisional Secretary Chris Preston is again calling for a better deal on the cities network, this time for passengers. Read More »