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Jun 21

Treasurer hands down NSW Budget

The NSW Government has today handed down its 2016/17 budget. While public transport does get a boost, from a transport perspective it is very road heavy, with $2.9 billion set aside for West Connex alone. Read More »

Mar 24

Valerie Jones of Newcastle supports drivers

A letter to the editor in the Newcastle Herald today called out the NSW Liberal Government for doubting claims made by bus operators about failing Opal machines. Read More »

Mar 22

Sydney’s most dangerous bus routes revealed

A survey of drivers has revealed the city’s most violent bus routes, with some unexpected results. Read More »

Mar 17

Media coverage still fails to uncover Opal truth

We are now more than three years into Opal, and the government still hasn’t figured it out. Read More »

Mar 15

Opal card still facing challenges on buses

Close to 8000 Opal card reader breakdowns on Sydney buses each year are being blamed on major glitches in computer equipment and staff shortages at the contractor hired to run the system. Read More »

Mar 15

No action on security leaves bus drivers in danger

With another violent attack on a Sydney Buses on Sunday afternoon, the union has called for harsher penalties for offenders who assault drivers, passengers, and damage buses. Read More »

Mar 11

Like father, like son: Mike Baird continues fathers bid to end public buses

The more things change, the more things stay the same. We look on all the advances that our community has made in the last 25 years and think back to the days before mobile phones, email, flat screen televisions, and GPS. Society has grown and changed. Read More »