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May 11

Opal card fares to rise on July 3, Transport Minister Andrew Constance announces

Public transport users in NSW face a 2.4 per cent increase in Opal fares from July, which the state government stresses is in line with inflation and needed to offset a decline in revenue. The government has also kept the cost of all-day travel for seniors’ Gold Opal cards capped at $2.50. In attempting to […] Read More »

Aug 25

Band-Aid solution fails to solve the problem of overcrowding

Instead of actually fixing the problem of overcrowding on Sydney’s buses, Transport Minister Andrew Constance is releasing an app to tell passengers just how full their bus is before it arrives. Read More »

Mar 22

Drivers say Opal is no gem, Newcastle Herald reports

The spate of Opal failures continue, and it is not just in Sydney. While the state government has hailed its Newcastle rollout of the Opal card as “very successful”, bus drivers in the Hunter are complaining of faulty readers and software glitches. Read More »

Mar 17

Media coverage still fails to uncover Opal truth

We are now more than three years into Opal, and the government still hasn’t figured it out. Read More »

Mar 15

Opal card still facing challenges on buses

Close to 8000 Opal card reader breakdowns on Sydney buses each year are being blamed on major glitches in computer equipment and staff shortages at the contractor hired to run the system. Read More »

Nov 20

Opal card reader breakdowns worst on buses

The Union has been fighting for government action on this for years. Problems with the Opal readers are a daily issue for most drivers, and resulted in some passengers forking out more for trips because they could not swipe their cards to pay when they got off buses. Read the full story and Chris Preston’s response here. Read More »

Jul 20

Opal fares up for review

After the NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance released details of the bus route upheaval to occur in Sydney from October, there was an immediate reaction from commuters. Now Opal fares are up for review. Read More »

Apr 16

How to beat the Opal system

For just $15 you can get a week’s worth of unlimited travel on all forms of transport using your Opal card – and get your weekly exercise at the same time. So how are commuters doing it? Read More »

Mar 17

We’ve just about had enough of Opal

Channel 7 reports on bus drivers’ frustration with the Opal system, including an interview with RTBU Bus and Tram Divisional Secretary Chris Preston. Read More »