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May 9

Hell 90 tamed

While the situation is still not perfect, the most violent bus route in the state, the L90, has seen a massive decrease in attacks on drivers following ongoing pressure from the union calling for action from the government. Read More »

Mar 15

No action on security leaves bus drivers in danger

With another violent attack on a Sydney Buses on Sunday afternoon, the union has called for harsher penalties for offenders who assault drivers, passengers, and damage buses. Read More »

Feb 9

Unprovoked attack on driver just one incident of many

Following the attack of another Sydney bus driver, the Bus and Tram Division Secretary Chris Preston has called on the courts to deal swiftly with the offender. Read More »

Oct 23

More security needed on Sydney buses

The State Government has announced additional bus services for Sydney.

The RTBU Bus Division appeared in Channel 7’s TV news coverage, warning that more security is needed to protect bus drivers. Read More »

Nov 23

Bus drivers show support for NSW cops

Bus drivers showed solidarity with NSW cops this week by participating in a huge rally outside Parliament House to protest against cuts to Police Death and Disability protections. Read More »