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Jul 27

Grand tour for private operators as government continues to ignore Newcastle workers

Transport for NSW is today hosting a goodwill tour of depots for companies tendering for contracts to operate the privatised Transport for Newcastle, as drivers again wear plain clothes to show their displeasure at a lack of support and information coming from government. Read More »

Feb 29

Evils of privatisation swept away by renaming it “franchising”

They can call it franchising or whatever they like, but the simple fact is that this is privatisation, and we all know what privatisation of our essential services means – increased costs and decreased services. Read More »

Dec 17

Not good enough to just compare the dollars

Comparing STA bus costs to private operator costs is like comparing apples to oranges, but that’s just what the NSW Auditor-General has done, and what the Baird Government is relying on as evidence to privatise Newcastle Buses and Ferries, so reports the Newcastle Herald today. The Auditor-General, the officer in charge of deciding whether government […] Read More »