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Nov 21

Bus Express: Safety neglect on Sydney’s light rail

The safety of workers and the public should always be the number one priority for any project, but yet Sydney’s light rail continues to raise red flags when it comes to safety. Today it’s been revealed that Sydney’s new light rail will likely be a potential target for terrorist attacks due to the area being […] Read More »

May 17

RTBU launches audit of violent hotspots after Brisbane bus driver’s death

The RTBU is launching a national audit of violent hotspots in an effort to bolster drivers’ safety. It’s partly in response to the death of a Brisbane bus driver last year and subsequent driver safety reviews. The union and drivers say there needs to be a national regulatory approach, which includes more security officers and harsher […] Read More »

Aug 22

Lunacy as buses clock up multiple trips to the moon and back

In no shock to drivers, nearly a third of buses in the Sydney Buses fleet have clocked up enough kilometres to travel to the moon and back. Read More »

Jun 28

Man who smashed Sydney bus in road rage attack gets 12 months jail

John Klironomos has been sentenced to 12 months jail for smashing a bus in Marrickville in Sydney’s inner west. Read More »

Jun 22

Safety too high a price for Government in Newcastle Light Rail deal

The lack of important safety features on Newcastle’s new light rail cars has raised concerns that the NSW Government is trying to cut costs at the expense of passenger safety. Read More »

Jun 7

Light rail passengers forced onto buses as result of company incompetence

Sydney light rail passengers have been forced to use replacement buses after the company responsible for the line failed to notice that an overhead wire fault was causing severe damage to half of the light rail fleet. Read More »

May 9

Hell 90 tamed

While the situation is still not perfect, the most violent bus route in the state, the L90, has seen a massive decrease in attacks on drivers following ongoing pressure from the union calling for action from the government. Read More »

Apr 8

International Day of Mourning

Workers Memorial Day, or the International Day of Mourning, is coming up on April 28th. The day is a time to remember those workers who have been killed at or because of their work, and to celebrate the fight for greater safety to protect workers everywhere. Read More »

Mar 22

Sydney’s most dangerous bus routes revealed

A survey of drivers has revealed the city’s most violent bus routes, with some unexpected results. Read More »

Mar 15

No action on security leaves bus drivers in danger

With another violent attack on a Sydney Buses on Sunday afternoon, the union has called for harsher penalties for offenders who assault drivers, passengers, and damage buses. Read More »