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Mar 4

Unlatched hatches meet their match

More and more reports are coming in that back hatches are not being locked when they leave the depots. Unlocked hatches are a serious safety hazard, with instances of members of the public opening them when the bus is stopped to pick up passengers. Read More »

Feb 28

Bus fires even more frequent since government promises to fix

The union are calling for a swift roll-out of vital fire suppressant systems on all buses across the state, following revelations that buses are catching on fire at a rate of one a week. Read More »

Jan 20

Radio room uses PTIPS for risk assessment

“It is impossible not to be concerned when you look at this image and listen to the transcript of the events” When a bus operator contacts radio room to report a serious hazard they rely on that operator to take the appropriate action to ensure the safety of all road users, the driver, and passengers. […] Read More »

Sep 22

Overcrowded buses are an accident waiting to happen

Many of Sydney’s buses are overloaded in peak times and more services combined with stronger regulations are urgently needed. Read More »

Jun 15

Rear door boarding trial is extremely concerning

Transport for NSW will begin a trial next week which will allow passengers to board through the rear doors of buses at designated times and locations in the presence of marshals. The RTBU is extremely concerned about the safety implications of the trial and any wider scale roll out. Read More »

May 21

Three buses on fire in Sydney in three months

On Tuesday a bus full of passengers caught fire on Parramatta road – the third in a string of similar incidents affecting STA buses in NSW over the past three months. The RTBU is calling for all buses in NSW to be urgently fitted with fire suppressant systems before a serious injury or death occurs. Read More »

Feb 10

Stay safe and know your work environment

As professional drivers safety is our number one priority, but awareness of all aspects of your working environment is important. Click through for a link to a comprehensive list of speed and red light cameras across NSW. Read More »

Dec 6

Taking action to protect workers exposed to Asbestos

State Transit management has agreed to implement a program of testing members employed at the organisation during the 80s and 90s for asbestos related diseases after learning about asbestos brakes used in this period. The union questioned State Transit about its planned response to the discovery, saying that it had to take responsibility for the […] Read More »

Nov 14

Drivers left exposed as late night abuse continues

Two more drivers have come under attack on the job in the past week. One driver has undergone abuse at the hands of a disgruntled passenger in the early hours of Sunday morning. Ryde member, Warren Graves – known to everyone as Barney – was spat on and called a f***ing c***. Luckily for Barney his glasses […] Read More »

Nov 5

RTBU BBQ tour goes Novocastrian

The RTBU took the BBQ tour to Hamilton last week, where Chris, Gary and David took over the BBQ, cooking up a storm in the depot and having a chat with local members about the problems they are facing behind and away from the wheel. It was great to hear about a the implementation of a protocol to […] Read More »