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Sep 10

Improvements needed as bus complaints pile up

More than 34,450 complaints were raised with the Baird Government about the Sydney’s bus network in just the last year. Complaints related to buses running late, uncleanliness, and missed stops. Read More »

Jun 24

Newcastle industrial action brings TfNSW back to the table

Yesterday saw a new round of industrial action in Newcastle, with drivers refusing to wear uniforms and not accepting fares from passengers. This had the desired effect with the government calling the union early in the morning and agreeing to return to the table and speak with workers. Read More »

Jun 16

Newcastle Herald: Newcastle bus drivers don Hawaiian shirts for privatisation protest

Newcastle Buses – the blue and white state government buses – are likely to be run by the same private sector operator as the proposed Newcastle light rail under plans being promoted by the Baird government. Read More »

Jun 14

Waiting for answers no holiday as drivers put on their Hawaiian shirts

In an act of frustration, Newcastle Bus drivers have refused to wear their uniforms and instead chose to wear brightly coloured Hawaiian shirts to protest the lack of information provided by TfNSW about just what the sell off of services will mean for workers. Read More »

May 4

Drivers face delays as light rail construction ramps up on Anzac Parade

It’s about to get even worse on the roads of Kensington as construction begins on the south east light rail. From Saturday May 7, a number of changes will occur on Anzac Parade including the removal of bus lanes. Read More »

Mar 22

Sydney’s most dangerous bus routes revealed

A survey of drivers has revealed the city’s most violent bus routes, with some unexpected results. Read More »

Mar 1

STA CEO comes out swinging in defence of buses

STA CEO Peter Rowley has come out in strong defence of the service provided by Sydney Buses. Read his full statement below: You may have seen some media today about a report issued by the Transport and Tourism Forum  (TTF) saying the NSW Government should privatise State Transit. Read More »

Feb 29

Evils of privatisation swept away by renaming it “franchising”

They can call it franchising or whatever they like, but the simple fact is that this is privatisation, and we all know what privatisation of our essential services means – increased costs and decreased services. Read More »

Feb 29

Rail, Tram and Bus Union rubbishes bus privatisation plan, 2UE

NSW Branch Assistant Secretary Dave Woollams spoke with 2UE’s Stuart Bocking about just how bad privatisation will be for Sydney’s public transport. Listen to the interview here. Read More »

Feb 28

Bus fires even more frequent since government promises to fix

The union are calling for a swift roll-out of vital fire suppressant systems on all buses across the state, following revelations that buses are catching on fire at a rate of one a week. Read More »