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Sep 19

24hr public transport coming to Sydney?

More night bus services and longer hours for Sydney Bus drivers could be on the agenda as the NSW Government considers plans to extend public transport operating hours until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights sometime in the next 12 months. Read More »

Sep 16

Chaos ensues as bus fire brings Sydney to a standstill

In an all too regular occurrence another STA bus has caught fire, this time on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The dramatic scenes brought the evening peak hour commute to a halt, causing mass delays for thousands of workers trying to leave the city. Read More »

Jul 1

More of George Street to close as light rail construction expands

Light rail construction will start on George Street between Hunter and King Streets from 10pm on Friday 1 July 2016. Read More »

Feb 23

Traffic woes ahead

Traffic on Anzac Parade will be getting worse from April as a temporary six-lane road will be built to allow for a tunnel to be dug for the light rail line between the CBD and eastern suburbs. Read More »

Dec 16

The organised chaos of peak-hour Wynyard

The Wynyard bus interchange is like a city in a city, with its own rules, and a transient population bigger than some regional towns. As big as a city block, buses are stacked three deep along Carrington Street, with the footpath just as clogged with commuters wanting nothing more than to be home. But, amongst […] Read More »

Nov 6

New bus routes a pain for the elderly

With the massive upheaval that has seen George Street closed to traffic, and 330 buses barred from entering the CBD, customers have had to rethink their travel plans. For most this has been an inconvenience with bus stops removed or buses delayed, but for others it is a real pain. Elderly people and people with […] Read More »

Nov 2

Bus services shuffled in Sydney CBD, reports Herald

As the realities of light rail construction continue to sink in, the Sydney Morning Herald have today reported on the six new services that will be running between the CBD and the inner suburbs. See the full article here. Read More »

Oct 23

15 minute wait to turn at nightmare CBD intersection

Members who regularly drive on Bridge, Loftus, Gresham and Park Street near Circular Quay in Sydney’s CBD already know: this area is likely to be a major congestion hot spot once George Street finally closes. Read More »

Oct 19

Brace for ‘traffic armageddon’, warns Tele

The real test is coming for the NSW Government’s planning with George Street set to close to all traffic on Friday evening from 8pm. Read More »