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May 16

SMH: Sydney bus privatisation plan is betrayal

Tram and Bus Division Secretary Chris Preston told the Sydney Morning Herald this morning that bus drivers are furious about the recent decision to privatise scores of routes in Sydney’s inner west. Mr Preston said workers had been told as recently as December that STA’s contract for bus regions in Sydney would remain after a restructure that included the […] Read More »

May 9

Great turnout at May Day marches in Sydney and Newcastle!

The RTBU Tram and Bus Division had a strong turnout at the May Day marches in both Sydney and Newcastle over the weekend. Divisional Secretary Chris Preston and President David Woollams joined members to stand up for workers’ rights and conditions at the Sydney March.   All up, around 100 RTBU members across all divisions attended and we had a great time […] Read More »

Feb 23

Traffic woes ahead

Traffic on Anzac Parade will be getting worse from April as a temporary six-lane road will be built to allow for a tunnel to be dug for the light rail line between the CBD and eastern suburbs. Read More »

Dec 16

The organised chaos of peak-hour Wynyard

The Wynyard bus interchange is like a city in a city, with its own rules, and a transient population bigger than some regional towns. As big as a city block, buses are stacked three deep along Carrington Street, with the footpath just as clogged with commuters wanting nothing more than to be home. But, amongst […] Read More »

Dec 4

Timetable issues should be blamed for late buses, not drivers

The Daily Telegraph’s recent article about customer complaints on STA buses shows just how behind the times our current timetables and routes are. Every driver knows there are many factors out of your control that can affect the reliable performance of bus services including traffic accidents, special events, wet weather conditions and road works – but usually, […] Read More »

Mar 9

What happens when bus drivers have to slam on the breaks?

As all bus operators know, it takes much longer to stop a heavy vehicle than it does to stop a light one. Channel 7 recently measured the difference in distance it takes to stop a car vs a bus. Read More »

Oct 23

More security needed on Sydney buses

The State Government has announced additional bus services for Sydney.

The RTBU Bus Division appeared in Channel 7’s TV news coverage, warning that more security is needed to protect bus drivers. Read More »

Sep 19

Appeal Success!

The outcome of the Casuals/Part Time broken dispute appeal is excellent for Sydney and Newcastle bus drivers. Read More »